Vegas Time Tournament

That’s it guys! Let’s go! Let’s go now to the $1,500 The tournament started at 11 am and it’s almost 1 pm I’m starting a little bit later and I don’t like it I like to play the early game But yesterday was a special day I played the Satellite for 5k Actually I played Turbo Bounty, right? It was at 11:00 am I beat a player and I got a part of the Buy-in investment back And then I busted around 6 o’clock And Satellite was about to start at 8 As it was a 5k Buy-in Tournament, It’s not on my schedule, because I don’t play And I wanted to risk playing the Satellite It’s part of playing other tournaments that are not on schedule And I made it! I’m going now to the $1,500, which is a good tournament It’s midweek, so the field is a bit smaller It’s not as easy as on weekends But we are here to play It’s coming the end of the month, closer to the main event It ends up getting more crowded more often Let’s go for his $1,500 Focused, rested, renewed so here I go!

$1,500 dinnerbreak I bought a chicken, I’m going to my room to eat This is the advantage of being hosted in the same hotel of the event So I have time to come here, take a rest and use the bathroom Damn, it’s too good! I played an interesting hand now At the blind 50-100, I already had 15,000 chips I opened A8 suited of clubs They called me 4 times The other MP, the button and the big Well, button and big It means we were in 5 in the hand Flop was TJQ Hitting only with the T of clubs, it completely hits the range of many people who call At the blind 50-100 I made 300 With K I got nuts, with any clubs I’d set a draw It means it’s important to play the hand With a 9 I could also keep going, but… I could keep going with a K only, but it’d be a bit strange I decided to check and see how the players would behave Everyone checks and an old man that is very tight I’d been playing with him for almost two hours at the table 800, less than half pot Big folded and I decided to pay And only the other MP paid It means we had already made a pot with almost $4,000 A 6 of clubs came in the turn, it meant, it had been set a flush draw And we were in 3 in the hand I checked again, the other MP checked too Then it’s the button and the old man’s turn, so he bet $2,600 Then the pot was huge with 7,000 And what’s the range in hands he may have? We need to think about it, not only about our hand My hand was double gutshot and flushdraw nuts It’s a hand that really matters The pot was huge with 7,000 chips And what did he have? Who just flipped preflop in the button, knowing he was going to play a multiway pot? AK that is the nuts, he’d never have Pair of Q, pair of J, pair of T, he didn’t have as well He could have many pairs with draw 2 pairs Many hands he can not afford an ALL-IN, for example And I represent AK very much I checked flop nuts I checked turn knowing that against 2, 1 of them could possibly bet Then instead of setting a direct ALL-IN of 11,000, I returned 6,000 Getting around 5,000 behind So I trapped him, letting him no option rather than to fold Then MP folded and I pulled a very large pot So that was a very interesting hand …but it’s ok, I call it.

I call and wait for the turn. But I lose the action for many turns, dude. You lose the action because of the hand a guy might have, dude! He can open 56, 75, 74, 77, 44, 33, Gutshot, flush draw Two flush draws Are you crazy that he wouldn’t skip 40 blinds? A guy who wants to bust his tournament, I really don’t want, are you crazy? I’d call than I’d see the turn, dude!

20 blinds are 50,000 dude! 16 blinds… I wouldn’t leave 50,000 in there!

Super donkey, I think. Gee, but I’m playing with a donkey, I can see he is a donkey. Well, if you have this information about the guy… We just got here at Aria Today is a WPT day $1,000,000 guaranteed $565 paid for Buy-In It’s the second day in a month It’s been exactly a month since I’ve been here in Vegas And it’s only the second day I decide to play another tournament I played at Planet Hollywood one day And now here at Aria This tournament is Turbo, it has a very tight structure There are about 7 or 8 DAYs 1, so I’ll have several chances to pass But since I cannot come every day Because there are other WSOP tournaments I’m here today to play the most I can And I only have the following day to be here Let’s go! By the way, Lucio from São Paulo, took the second place in this tournament last year He made a lot of money This tournament pays well! Let’s go!

Let’s go, folks! I’m excited here! The best feeling I could feel!

I won a spot in $5,000 WSOP I played a Satellite yesterday with a $575 Buy-in And I made it! Well, I’m glad because it’s a tournament that I wasn’t supposed to play I was going to play another tournament on my schedule today And start playing a $5,000 tournament for only $500, it cannot be bad right? So… I’m happy to play this tournament I already played this tournament before and I wasn’t supposed to play it this year Well, Satellite was the bridge, right?

My leap into this tournament Yesterday I was big playing Satellite, It was easy for me to win the spot I didn’t suffer I wasn’t one of those who were suffering with their stack to win the spot I’ve been through this a lot But everything started well yesterday I had a good stack right from… Uuuhhhh.. I had a good stack right from the middle to the end So I could press everyone There was a time that I was setting ALL-IN in every hand Because nobody was able to pay me, neither even close to cover me A mega important hand to me Well, that’s easy, that it’s relatively easy to fold because it’s Satellite I had an AK suited I was the chip leader of the table I had 70,000 chips at the blind 1-2 It means many chips for Satellite I don’t need to win the tournament, I just need to stay alive So I can survive for 1 year of game Then a guy set an ALL-IN in the UTG The second most in chips at the table set an ALL-IN in the UTG With 40,000 chips 20 blinds Then I looked it was AK suited, dude! I said: – Oh, damn!

I thought to myself: – Not even with KK I’d pay it I don’t need to pay So… I had a little pain in the heart, right? Because to fold an AK suited… Well, it’s because they had several smaller stacks Then I folded without suffering And I kept thinking about it Dude! I’d fold KK, I would probably fold AA as well! Then I kept thinking: – Damn, I was thinking of folding AA preflop – Hey! – Hey!

– Hey “Lojinha” – Hey, boy! – “Lojinha” is here – “Lojinha” is open! – Is it open? – Yeah, it is!

I’m going to play $5,000 for only $500 – I made it in Satellite yesterday! – That’s great! Let’s go! This is Yogi Bear, folks! – What’s up, guys?

– Jorge Rapido – Fosteira, Fosteira! – Let’s go, bro! – So, what’s up?

– Are you okay? – I’m fine, dude! – Let’s go to the game!

– Let’s go! I just arrived! – Are you starting now? – No, I’m arriving… slowly – I know what you mean… – Marking your territory… – Exactly – I’ll open the “Lojinha” soon, and to close it…. – So do I… – I’ll close it only in… – Only in the main event! – Right there in the last day, dude! – That’s it!

– Here we go! That’s it! Talking about folding an AA, I found my master gorilla here – There’s no way! – Is it possible to fold AA? – No, there’s no way!

– It was Satellite – Oh, Satellite is possible! – Satellite is possible! – In Satellite it’s possible!

But I didn’t fold AA, it was AK suited The guy set an ALL-IN and I folded Well, only if we say AA is possible to fold – Imagine an AK suited? – Even more! You must do it! – Let’s go! Let’s start the game!

– Here we go! – See you bro! – See you!

Well, then I folded the AK suited and would fold AA and I would also fold KK I just my spot, I don’t want to win the tournament I just need to be there alive at the time The 20th in this case, because the 19th already would win a spot The 20th busted and if I had 1 ante, everything was alright! So it’s painful because you keep thinking about the hand, But you don’t need to think about the hand You have to think about the strategy The strategy is to win the spot, not the tournament So, I made it! Let’s go! I’m going to start now Although I’m an avid fan of the early game I lost a blind level I’m starting in the second level of the blind But I went to bed at 6 in the morning Because of I was playing Satellite I woke up at 11 am when it was the beginning of this tournament I showered, had breakfast and I’m coming here now for the game It’s around 12:10, 12:15 So I lost the first blind level But it happened for a very good reason Because I was winning the spot to play So let’s go, folks!

Here our $5,000 WSOP begins Even better saying… our just $500 WSOP Here I go! Hey, guys! Look! 26 left! 26! As I said, this tournament has a different structure 19 will pass to the next day It’s close!

I have 250,000 at the blind 2,500-5 I’m good! I’m good! With 50 blinds and it’s good… Let’s wait for the shorts one to bust and then pass to DAY 2 easily Let’s go! Hey guys!

After playing 13 hours in a row Out of 376 players that started, only 19 passed to DAY 2 It’s a long time it’s ITM They play until they get 5% of the field Damn, I’m too happy! Few people WTP Day 2 with $1,000,000 guaranteed Now they’ll gather all the flights I think there are about 8 Few people there on DAY 2 5% left Let’s go up! So, come chips!

220,000 Blind 3-6 It goes until 2,500-5 It’ll depend on the other days I’ll get it! Well, I’m packing my chips! It’s really good! And again it’s an important DAY 1 There were exactly 18 levels of blind played Damn, too much game! So it’s not just passing DAY 1 It’s a DAY 1 conquered, getting ITM and moving forward Damn, out of 376 now only 19 left… Well, there’s no chance of being bad Let’s go! Look!

It’s here!! Legal, olha lá! Tudo bem!

– Rio…! – Você está indo lá pra ganhar? É por isso que você tem um cameraman? – Yeh!

Meu garoto! – Certo! – Obrigado! – Volte sempre, tá? – Nós voltaremos! – Beleza!

– Obrigado, senhor! – Eu que agradeço chefe! Tenha uma boa noite! There was a very interesting hand at the blind 2-4 when it was already ITM A very aggressive player who wasn’t a good player He opened K in UTG of 9,000 And I was in UTG 1 with 18 blinds At that time if I had re-raised When the K from the UTG and the UTG don’t re-raised It becomes a powerful re-raise And besides that, there wasn’t enough space and I’d had ended up shoving The action would be cut with AA As there were some players in short ahead Who knew he was a very aggressive player With my dead money from the call And I figured it was very easy for someone to set ALL-IN then I paid with AA I call in this UTG 1 only The table kept in fold until the small one set a direct ALL-IN The UTG, as I had already imagined, simply fold the hand I paid, of course, with AA Then he showed AJ and I doubled, reaching almost 40 blinds It was this hand that helped me That helped me to be big in the tournament Let’s go for DAY 2 now! Another daily walk We’re almost in July Almost in July We’re headed to the regular $1,500 WSOP Chips on the table, guys!

Today is Friday It’s an important tournament The recreational visitors from outside, start to come It’s a busy day today There are 3 tournaments to play on my schedule This $1,500 now at 11 am At 3 o’clock there will be a $2,500 Mixed Game And then at 7 pm, there will be the Giant – Is Garridão up to play or not? – I won’t stop today! – I’ll be there in the Giant! – I hope I can only stay in this one… – …remaining until the end – That’s it! But we need to consider other tournaments Grind Live! Let’s go!

Take a look at this! Look at this shrimp! Gratinated, well I’m not sure… – Is it shrimp or lobster? – Catupiry cheese – It’s a shrimp!

– It’s a lobster, man! Isn’t it? Look, look!

Look at us Marina! She’s Nishijima – Look at us, Nishijima! – No! Oh, Marina, look at us, Japanese girl! I’ve already seen her running away once or twice I realized that too! Oh no, I hate photo!

Look at us! Send a kiss to the camera, go! Can I send mine or not? Yeah, you can! Send a kiss from the fat guy! Kiss from the fat guy!

(Quote from a brazilian talk show) Where’s “Véia”, dude? He should be here, dude! “Sapo Breda” is missing to tell us some tales whilst we have lunch And “Véia” so we can laugh from his face, right? I think Decano likes ice-cream. – Now we know why he likes to come here – He didn’t have lunch, he’s only having ice cream I spare some space… – I spare some space for the ice-cream – Markinos Ice Cream Shop! – I got it!

– That’s why he loves this place! 962, normally the check K in the big blind will be a pair, not a triple It’s difficult to be triple, there are more combos with 2 pairs them triples, simple like that! So if the turn is Let’s say the flush draw is spades, K of spades shows A Q of spades you would set a check fold, you know?

Then you made your flush but you didn’t maximized your incomes You would maximize your losses by beating a K with a suit like that You would pay to flush draw Because you would get compromised now I didn’t understand a thing! You can tell I’m crazy! I would play just like her, for sure! She has nothing to do If he only calls Imagine the situation, right? She checks K and 500, he just calls She has 450 left behind – Turn, 10 of diamonds – 450 behind?

Yeah! She had 950 in total! Then the turn, 10 of diamonds, what does she do?

Oh well… It’s really crazy, right? You guys are randomizing some awkward turns Well, if it were an easy turn everyone would know what to do, damn!