Live Baccarat Tips

Just like live dealer blackjack, baccarat is a game that does not offer many opportunities to use any betting strategies. Counting cards is a pretty challenging practice, since most live online casinos use between 6 and 8 decks of cards. However, we do have some tips that can guide you to your success in this game. Make sure you read them through to make the most out of your live dealer gaming experience.

1. Try to find a baccarat table where the game is played using the lowest number of card decks. Most casinos play with either six or eight decks, but you will find that there are high stake tables that will allow you play with one deck only. However, the odds are slightly lower for the games with fewer decks.

2. Statistically, bankers win more often than players do, making the odds leaning to the favour of the house. Therefore, it is always wiser to wager on the banker. From the mathematical point of view, it makes sense to place bets on banker’s handsIn the long-term this will pay off for sure.

3. Never lose track of your bankroll, record all your wins and losses. Also, keep in mind that you will be charged commission every time you bet on the banker’s hand and win. Sometimes, the house won’t charge you until you leave the table, so make sure you keep track of your bets along the game. Don’t start using money that you’d have put aside for the next weeks’ fun – this will only make you lose more money than you earn.

4. Practice makes perfect. Baccarat might not be that famous as the other classic casino games, such as roulette or blackjack, but it’s actually a game that can be learned within a very short time period. The only part about it that needs to be practiced is the betting one. You need to understand and learn how to place a bet correctly on the outcome of the game.

5. Play for free. The Internet is full of free versions of the game and, as said before, practice will turn you into a pro. Use this opportunity, especially because you don’t have to put anything at risk.

6. Never bet on tie. The odds will ever be higher for this type of bet, but the chance of this to happen is extremely small.

All in all, the best tip for playing baccarat is lots of practice before you start wagering your hardly earned money. Play with every chance you get: online, at home or on your smartphone. That will let you learn the basic techniques and make up some strategies for yourself. It is always best to try them for fun, since even the most “solid” strategies might sometimes bring unexpected results.