Fruit Warp BIG WIN. Winning practice.

Hello people. Today i’m back with Berend, and we’re going to play Fruit Warp Hopefully the luck is on our side today. Lets see if we can get a big win I hope so What amount shall we spin?

– A little bit higher? I really like this game How does it feel to be back? I have to get used to it again The boys did great, didn’t they?

Yes, they did great. So did I Its a shame you didn’t make any profit. Would be a nice start? By playing this game you spend your money fast – True, your money is gone in seconds, You know what it is with this game?

You need a bonus to make a profit. There’s no other way True, normal spins are useless Come on Nice – Love them Grapes – They are worth quite a lot right? Yes, but it doesn’t matter with what kind of fruit you get a bonus. It’s about the multiplier Come on, 50 cents per spin It’s going pretty well – Also four oranges, love them And also a hearth, great We only need two for 19 euros That’s already something – Yes Come on, twenty-five times three. That’s seventy-five euros!

We are going to spend ten more on Montezuma and then we are going to pay out. We also love our money Montezuma will always be a hate- love relationship. Lets see if we get this much luck again Berend, that was a really good win. Yes, i’m still smiling Finally we made some profit again.

Is it that kind of day? Do you know where all this luck comes from?  This is our worst bonus ever. We are going to play one final game.

Berend you can choose. – I love the one with the dinosaurs Jurassic park? We made a good profit with that one last time. That’s a shame, but we would have had way to much luck if it succeeded again within three spins. Would be sick – Its already going way to good this evening. If you only have two bonus symbols you get your spin paid back, I like that.

We are going to cash out, and we want to thank you for reading.